5 Camtasia Alternatives – Better and Cheaper

By | April 19, 2020

5 Camtasia Alternatives – Better and Cheaper

With the increasing online presence of people, in recent times, the demand for the screen recording applications has grown exponentially. Whether you are a coder, YouTuber, or an online Tutor, you need a sound screen recorder for a better and efficient presentation. Screen recording software gives you an option to record the whole or a part of the screen and edit them according to your requirements.

While some of you just require a simple screen grabber for a standard screen recording, many of you might need some advanced options like adding some special effects and transitions in the video, adding background sound, and more such features. There are many applications specially developed for this task. Camtasia is one of them. 

Camtasia is a popular screen recorder used by many video editors. This software lets you record the screen, edit the timeline, add some advanced effects if required, and then publish the video in just a few clicks, without spending much time.

However, along with such advanced features, Camtasia comes with a hefty price too. If you want to purchase a license, it will cost you $249 for just one user or device. An added $50 is charged if you wish extended tech support and updates for a future version.

For those of you, who can’t afford such a highly-priced screen recorder, we have listed five best alternatives to Camtasia. They provide almost the same features as Camtasia does. 

1. Movavi Screen Recorder Studio

Movavi Screen Recorder Studio

With its price and features list, Movavi Screen Recorder Studio can be considered as the best alternative to Camtasia. As compared to Camtasia’s $250 price, Movavi comes in just $80. You may doubt it by seeing a considerable difference in the price. But Movavi will really surprise you. By getting the Movavi, you will get the two software utilities bundled in one. One a Screen Recorder and other a Video Editor. You have an option to choose from more than 100 advanced effects. Record an entire screen or a part of it, lock to a specific application, and even capture the output of the camcorder.

What more? You can get the Movavi full version at an even lower price or even free by applying the 100% working activation keys.

It is definitely worth giving a try to Movavi Screen Recorder.

Salient Features of Movavi:

  • Edit your videos like a professional editor.
  • Classy collection of stickers, icons, and shapes.
  • Add unlimited video, audio, and text.
  • Has a library rich in royalty-free videos, audios, pieces of music, etc.
  • If you are recording tutorial videos, it also records keyboard shortcuts used during screen recording.
  • Can record the screen, webcam, and microphone sound.

2. Wondershare Filmora 9

Wondershare Filmora 9

Wondershare Filmora 9 is another excellent alternative to Camtasia. Like Movavi, it is also a two-in-one screen recorder plus video editor software. In fact, it is quite similar to Movavi in many ways. 

You may be surprised to know that Filmora 9 best Camtasia in many ways. It offers much more special effects, animation, built-in royalty-free music & video, and much more. All these features at a minimal price of $69.99 as compared to Camtasia. 

Salient Features of Wondershare Filmora 9:

  • Record screen in different dimensions.
  • Professional video editor provides lots of options in effects and transitions.
  • Cut, paste, delete fragments and adjust the timeline.
  • Add multiple videos and audio from the built-in library and external sources as well.
  • It provides cross-platform compatibility for Windows and Mac.
  • Option to include webcam and microphone in the screencast.

3. CyberLink PowerDirector


CyberLink PowerDirector is another powerful screen recorder plus editor bundled in a single application. With this application, you are not just getting a simple screen recorder and editor. It has been loaded with advanced features that make it an excellent alternative to Camtasia. You can tweak the recoded video with lots of features such as filters, transition effects, and more.

Compared to Camtasia’s whopping amount of $249 + $50, it only costs $99.99 for almost the same features. However, it is only available for Windows systems. So a disadvantage for the Mac users. 

Salient Features of CyberLink PowerDirector:

  • Professional video editor with lots of advanced options to play with.
  • Records high quality 120 fps video.
  • Highlights the mouse click, benefits during the making of tutorials video.
  • Set a limit on video time and size.
  • Option to begin video recording with sound fade-in and end recording with sound fade-out.

4. Camstudio


Though it is not as effective as Camtasia, Camstudio can be considered as one of the best alternatives to it. If you are not a professional and want to record the screen for a temporary basis, then leave everything aside and go for Camstudio. The reason is simple because it is FREE. But that does not mean it is inadequate. It does an effective job for the simple and smaller projects.

Salient Features of Camstudio:

  • Picture-in-picture webcam recording along with the screen recording.
  • It allows you to record sound from multiple sources.
  • Video size is small without deteriorating the quality. It is an advantage while uploading the video or during live streaming.
  • It is available completely free of cost.

5. Bandicam Screen Recorder

Bandicam Screen Recorder

Bandicam Screen Recorder exactly does what it is meant for – screen recording. Unfortunately, like the above two applications, it does not comes with a built-in video editor. But there is hardly any other screen recorder that can beat Bandicam in screencasting.

The process of screen recording is as simple as it sounds. However, as already mentioned that it does not comes with the built-in editor. So if you are looking for a software that can perform both, then Bandicam is not the one you are looking for. Nevertheless, its screen recording is even better than Camtasia. It is not a wrong choice at just $39 price. It also comes with a free trial.

Salient Features of Bandicam Screen Recorder:

  • The option of custom screen recording.
  • Record around the cursor, i.e., move the cursor on the screen and get that area recorded.
  • Show the position of the mouse, highlight the area where it is clicked, and also play the click sound of the mouse.
  • While recording games, you have the option to show fps.
  • Schedule a recording for an automatic start.
  • Image capture while recording.
  • Option to add a desired logo on the recording screen.


So, these are the five best alternatives to Camtasia that we could find. Obviously, there would be a lot more of such applications similar to these. Also, this guide is not for bashing Camtasia. It is best in its own way, but not everybody could afford it. Hence these alternatives are listed.