6 Best Apps for SAT and ACT Test Prep

By | April 16, 2020

On the eve of the international exam, every free minute counts. And in this situation applications for the smartphone can help: of course, they will not replace a good teacher, but they will allow tightening vocabulary and “train” the brain for certain tasks of the test. We have chosen the most useful options.

1. GMAT Test bank, Allen Resources Inc.

Cost: Free download, but a large number of built-in purchases.

A convenient application for preparing for the GMAT, where it is possible to sort questions by categories, skip difficult tasks and return to them later, view explanations of the correct answers and monitor your own progress, referring to the application statistics. In addition to the tasks for preparation, the application also provides tips on how to allocate time on the test in the best way and suggests what strategies should be used during its passage. The application, just like the exam, is built on the adaptive principle: the computer itself selects tasks from a constantly replenished task bank, depending on the success of the test.

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2. Watermelonexpress

Cost: $25

Watermelonexpress is student-initiated LSAT, MCAT, GRE, GMAT, and SAT exam preparation applications. The most popular reviews about this program are “it costs its money” and “the best-purchased application”. For example, the SAT preparation program contains more than 800 questions with explanations, 7 complete diagnostic tests with final statistics, 500 pages of materials for repeating the necessary topics and 4000 useful words in a flashcard format. Want more? Then use these content writing tools to develop your writing skills before exams. Interestingly, the application compiles statistics, thanks to which it is easy to compare your results with the results of other users. The program also allows you to create a personal “curriculum”, the implementation of which itself regularly monitors and reminds the user of the planned activities.

3. Math GMAT GRE ACT – PrepGame

Cost: free download, in-app purchases – $10

Preparation Game is a great way to master the mathematical part of the GMAT, SAT and GRE exams in a playful way. The math exercises in this exam game are divided into six areas: integers, percentages, modules, probability theory, analytic geometry, and diagrams. For the correct answers, users receive stars that allow them to move to a new level and perform more complex tasks. The program contains more than a million unique mathematical tasks, which gives a chance to repeatedly pass the game again and again. In addition, the game has limited time for completing tasks, which accustoms to the quick solution to problems. In addition to the main game mode, the application has a “training” mode (many typical tasks) and “hints” (ways to solve problems).

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4. Ace the SAT

Cost: Free

The main principle of the application: ask the user as many different questions as possible, which is why the program contains more than 3 million unique tasks, for most of which detailed answers are available. Any of the proposed tasks can be saved in a photo album in order to share it with your tutor or friends. Also, you can always look at ACT online prep review for more great possibilities to prepare for exams. But here the scoring system simulates the conditions of the exam itself, which allows you to objectively evaluate your own knowledge.

5. Vocabulary for GRE, SAT, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL

Cost: free download, in-app purchases $10

The developers promise: “An integrated approach to vocabulary replenishment will leave your peers who do not use this application for many light years behind you.” After using the program for 30 minutes, it begins to adapt to the user’s knowledge and automatically offers him the most effective personalized tasks for memorizing words. Users say that the game is so great that for many this application is even addictive and helps to avoid stress while studying.


6. The phrasal verb machine

Cost: Free

The Phrasal Verb Machine app was created by Cambridge University Press to help foreigners better become familiar with all the variety of English phrasal verbs. But you don’t have to have therapist skills to understand that not all native speakers know all the phrasal verbs and the once who say they do are lying. Developers consider mindless memorization not the best way to memorize, therefore they offer their own visualized system: each verb has a specific simple and funny picture illustrating its meaning. So, the phrasal verb “break-in” for users is taught by a thief climbing into the window, and you can get acquainted with the verb “take off” by looking at the pilot preparing for departure.


This small but useful list of applications will definitely help you prepare for important exams. The main thing is not to get nervous and learn gradually. Good luck!