Bitcoin going To Be On Its Peak: 3 White Soldiers Pattern

By | September 5, 2021

Bitcoin is one of the most famous cryptocurrencies, and the prices of the cryptocurrency have fallen in the recent market crash, which was caused by the ban of crypto by China. But now there have been months, the price of the bitcoin was just constant, but now suddenly the price of the bitcoin has just risen to 46000$, this stat has been shown after a long time period. Moreover, it has been predicted that the price of bitcoin will rise now because of the Bitcoin Bull, which the Three White Soldier Pattern will do.

Battle Preparation By The Big Bull

The bitcoin price trend is seen going up after a long time of the price of about 30000$. Then, there was a complete failure to push the price of the bitcoin, but now suddenly, the bulls had given the confidence that the price of the bitcoin must rise by 50 percent; this same trend was observed last year also in Bitcoin Champion website.

Last night there was news that the bulls will cause bitcoin prices to rise, and the plan is named the Three White Soldier Pattern. If the plan of the bulls goes right, then there will be a sudden rise in the bitcoin trends which were observed last year. 

History Of the three black Crows

Same as a present, there was also a significant fall in the price of bitcoin in the last year to around 35000$. So last year, as there was the statistical data understanding if there were the signals of the bullish signal, but along with the same, there were the opposite signals too. The signal opposite to the three white soldiers is known as the three black crows in the crypto market.

Three black crows signal was seen when the prices of the bitcoin were falling at a very high rate, and the same signal was seen in the year 2009.

Bitcoin Price Recovery

As we see the statistics and the history of bitcoin, then we can easily understand that the fall and rise in the price of bitcoin are not based upon any bullish race. The prices of bitcoin have been rising on their own as the demand for bitcoins is increasing day by day after such a market crash.

Still, if we see that after the ban of crypto in China, the crypto market is in recovery mode very quickly, there are days in the month where the prices of the bitcoin are increasing at a high rate, whereas there are some days too where the prices are not increasing but despite all the factors the bitcoin is rising on the high scale. The price of bitcoin has fallen down to a very high extent from around 40 lakhs to 25 lakhs, but now the price has recovered to around 32 lakhs. This is a reasonable recovery rate.

Profit Return In Bitcoin

When there was the crash of bitcoin this year after the bank of China, there were considerable losses to the customers. People who invested in the high rates had incurred significant losses at that time. Even their losses are still not covered till now. But after the crash, the prices were meager, and at that, the people who had invested had earned lots of profits from the bitcoin. 

For example, if they bought the bitcoin of 25 lakhs and today, the price of the bitcoin is around 32 lakhs. They earned seven lakhs profit in a short time period.

There may be a bullish run to raise the price of the bitcoin as the companies may have been losses because of the market crash, so there are great chances of the bullish race to take place. 


Bitcoin, as we all know, is the most famous and the oldest cryptocurrency, and the price of bitcoins has risen as we compare it to the prices in the last few years. Bitcoin no is going to be in the bullish race, and the price of the bitcoin is maybe going to be increased to about 50%. This pattern is known as the three white soldier patterns by the bitcoin bulls, and it may affect the prices of the bitcoin, and the users might earn huge profits from it.