Four Skills Every Web Developer Needs on Their Resume

By | June 23, 2020

Four Skills Every Web Developer Needs on Their Resume

Think of web developers as spinnerets. Each thread a line of complicated code alluding to the proper functioning of a website. The consumers are the buzzy flies that are attracted to the incredible dewy detailing of these behind the scenes workers. As we are becoming more advanced, the tech world is an increasingly competitive and demanding industry to break into. Therefore, this article will outline some crucial skills to put on your resume as you head into the world wide web.

Educational Exploits 

Of course, there are many courses out there. However, by going to college and accomplishing a formal education you are automatically adding a whole section to your CV. You’ll have your degree title but also a wealth of projects, competitions, clubs, publications etc. The cost may seem exponential but taking out a private student loan can help. It most definitely will pay off. It will be a gemstone in your resume showing you’re dedicated to the profession and from early on have shown a drive to immerse yourself in activities that lead to advanced knowledge and self-betterment. 

Technical Tenacity 

This is where you demonstrate your coding capabilities, the languages you’ve used and any projects you’ve been involved with. You don’t have to specialize in everything to have a killer technical skill set but organizing what you do know in a clear way with relevant examples and experience is bound to get you noticed.

A Professional Punch

So, you’re an educated and intelligent individual who knows the essentials of this career. You’re clearly clued up on the ins and outs and can quite easily and effectively complete the appropriate tasks of this job. You are one of many. You will up against other budding web developers all-aspiring to land top clients, a major role in an established team and huge projects. This section of your resume requires you to question, how can I make a lasting first impression? Think big, the internet’s influence is gigantic and those at the height of it want people who are go-getters, who want to climb the ranks and lead teams for them. Subsequently, leadership, management, negotiation and problem solving are the types of skills that show you mean business. 

That Extra Pizazz

This is where you bring in your individuality. Throughout your resume you’ve already shown you’re highly skilled with expertise and experience. So, this extra sign off is your endnote, a footer of giving yourself an edge. An opportunity to stand out and be memorable so that when that interview is finished, you’ll have that little something extra to talk about. Whether it be photography, speaking another language other than code, floral arrangement or baking. These skills not only show you’re a human but well-rounded and interesting. Moreover, they could potentially enhance your job role. For example, in the case of speaking another language. It could open you up to other departments or score you added assignments. Ultimately, web design may be a behind the scenes role in the realm of computers but you can still sparkle through that screen.