The best gaming apps to win some great money

By | July 10, 2021

Earlier people used to go the land based casinos for playing casino games and do gambling. With the advent of the Internet, the entire scenario changed as many online casinos came into the market and people moved on to play casino games right from the comfort of their home or office. The situation gradually changed and many land based casinos were forced to close down. The situation further changed with the arrival of the Smartphone in the market. As the number of Smartphone users grow by huge numbers, people started playing online casino games right from the comfort of their Smartphone. 

As a result, the number of players playing online casino games increased to a great extent as people started playing online casino games right from their comfort of their home without going outside. Keeping with the trend, many online casinos came into the market and the big land based casinos also opened up their website just to hold back their customers from going elsewhere. All of these websites do a lot of advertisements just to lure more customers. If you are new to the world of online gaming, you must be careful before joining the right website. Just remember that not all of these websites are genuine and many have developed a bad habit of duping away with the players’ money.

Hence it advised to join a reputed website like sloty casino where you will be safe about your funds and they will also guide you about how to win in casino games. Most of these online casinos have also launched their apps which players can download in their Smartphone. Some of the gaming websites have also launched their apps which the players can access by downloading them in their website. If the app is of bad quality, it may damage the Smartphone to a great extent.

This article deals with the best apps for gaming purpose which most of the players use for playing games. Let us have a look at some of these apps which are known to be quite popular in the market. 


1. Mistplay


This app is popularly known as the loyalty program for the gamers. In this app, it will be possible for you to discover the new game, play them and earn points for doing the same. You can redeem these points to avail some gift vouchers from reputed retailers like Amazon, Starbucks, Google Play and many more. The games which are shown in this app are given based on the choice and preference of the gamer. This app is at present available in Google Play store. They are also very generous in making the payment. After playing for a few hours, you can earn some money at the end of the week.


2. Swagbucks


By using the Swagbucks app, one can earn in various ways and playing games is just one of the options in the app. The player can get rewarded with Swagbucks points which one can redeem for gift cards or prizes. The easiest way to earn points is playing some interesting games like Swag Memory or Swagasaurus Run. There is a daily limit on how much Swagasaurus points you can earn and hence the player will have to come back daily to earn more points and get the reward at the end of the week.


This is the best free game if you are habituated to scratch off games. The biggest advantage of it is that it is a free game which can satisfy your desire for fun and can also help you to win a lot of money. The prizes are quite high and can also go up to $10,000 and hence you can make some real winning money. There is also an option of redeeming the winnings in exchange for prizes and gift cards. Cash payouts are mostly 25 cents, but if you are a bit luckier, you can accumulate more and get more money.

4. Boodle

This one is a free app which will help you to try out new games and apps. There is also an option of earning Boodle coins each time you will be trying a new game in the app. The app also offers opportunities to earn coins for all sorts of activities like answering some questions, completing the special offers, discovering the deals and referring of friends, etc. You can exchange the coins to get some gift cards from reputed suppliers like Amazon, Nike and a host of others.

5. Inbox Dollars

 This app is ideal for those who want some real time cash other than coins or reward points. The uniqueness of this app is that it offers both free and paid games where you can easily earn some cash. You can redeem your money for some real time cash. There are more than 30 free games which you can play which include Sudoku, card games and many more. The average amount of money which a gamer can earn from a single game varies from 25 cents to $5 and so you can make your money quickly in order to accumulate some good cash. You can withdraw the money and deposit it into your savings account.

6. Gamehug 

It is a great app available in Google Play to play some wonderful games. There is also an option for earning money by filling out surveys. There are endless numbers of games in the app and each game needs around 20 minutes to play. It also offers a lot of variety as far as games is considered. You can get games related to virtual reality to 3D graphics to mobile games. Hence the app offers a lot of opportunities to play have fun and earn money. This app is a must for gamers who want to play games daily. If you play through this app on a daily basis, you can see some money at the end of the week. This app is easy to download if you have a Smartphone.