Top 10 Sites & Apps for Entertainment

By | June 12, 2020

A life devoid of entertainment would be so boring. How can a person manage to live without watching his favourite shows on TV, streaming his favourite movies, listening to music, and reading the morning news? Everyone needs their daily dose of entertainment. Entertainment releases our work stress and tensions and relaxes our mind. The internet is full of entertainment sites nowadays, catering to everyone’s preferences. You can visit the following entertainment sites for your best online entertainment: 

 Top 10 Sites for Entertainment



If you are looking for free entertainment, visit This site brings to you a list of the best movie streaming and other entertainment sites which would provide you with quality entertainment. The best movie streaming sites offer a huge library of contents coming from every genre, language, culture, etc. Every site is updated with the latest movies, documentaries, short films, trailers, etc. 



The world’s biggest Internet television network is Netflix. It has more than 36 million subscribed users across the globe. Netflix operates in more than 40 countries of the world, offering users unlimited access to streaming and content. Users can watch movies both Bollywood and Hollywood, videos, trailers, Netflix original web series, documentaries, and whatnot. One can subscribe to Netflix for a month if annual subscription charges aren’t affordable. 



Online gaming is another way you can refresh your mind and spend some time enjoying it. If you are addicted to gaming, is the perfect site for you. Here, you can enjoy puzzle games, card games, word games, and board games. This site also allows people to play video games as well. It is the largest online flash gaming platform. Other common games like a spider, chess, solitaire, Bejeweled, cribbage on this site. 

4. Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone

The rolling stone is one of the best online sites in the world of music. This site is the most preferred one when it comes to streaming and downloading songs. Songs of every artist and album can be found here. This site continually updates itself with the latest videos, music albums, tracks, playlists, and album reviews. Not only that, but reviews of users are also out upon this site. In short, Rolling stone is one of the best-maintained music websites available online. 

5. Spotify


With Spotify, you can enjoy unlimited, uninterrupted music anytime anywhere. Here, you can find out your favourite mp3 songs and tracks within seconds. The site also has categorised music various bases, making it convenient for users even more. The site offers a wonderful service, uploading the latest tracks as soon as possible. If you are a premium Spotify user, you get excellent sound quality. The best thing is you can create your playlist here. Hence, you don’t have to search for your preferred songs every time. You can simply scroll through your playlist. 


ESPN is the website of the famous entertainment and sports programming network. The site has been providing users with wide sports coverage since 1979. Users can avail of credible sports information including NBA, MLB, National Basketball, football, and cricket details and scores. Every latest news related to crickets and other sports players is updated on this site. It is the globally accessible leading multimedia and multinational sports entertainment site. 

7. YouTube


Is there anyone who isn’t familiar with YouTube? Needless to say, YouTube is everyone’s go-to destination for quality entertainment. Starting from movies, documentaries, short films, music videos, trailers, stand up comedies, you will get anything and everything here. You can stream and download content for free. This is a global platform where you get to share your talents with the rest of the world.

8. Scoopwhoop


This is an internet multimedia website that is used by more than 30 million Indians. It updates people in various sectors of entertainment. The site brings to you news and updates from several fields like sex and relationship, movies, music, sports, men and women, etc. You can get the latest Bollywood and Hollywood breaking news here for free. Not only that, but you can also stream the latest trailers and videos on this site.



This is a popular online movie streaming site. It brings to you contents from various languages like Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam, Hindi, English, etc. One can get the latest movies here in HD version. The site even offers dubbed versions of several films so that people can stream them in their preferred language. It should also be mentioned that with every movie, web series, and documentaries found here, the site offers a short description of every content, which helps users to get an idea about every unknown content. 

10. Bollywood Hungama 

Bollywood Hungama

This site is last but not least which you can visit for your entertainment. You can get movies, music, trailers, and videos here. Similar to other movies providing the site, Bollywood Hungama offers the latest movies in HD resolution and free solitaire. Not only does the site provides us with movies from every language, but also every genre. 

So, the above mentioned are the top-rated entertainment sites which users mostly prefer. They are completely legal and safe to be accessed, unlike the pirated sites. Some offer completely free services while others need to be subscribed for accessing their contents. However, the subscription charges are minimal which everyone can afford.