Which TV show do you want your life to be like?

By | July 7, 2021

It is by far true that people who love watching a TV show expect to enjoy a similar environment in real life. It could be a character’s role or the entire atmosphere that you would love to adapt to in reality. As time is passing, there is tons of content available in the market. There are chances that you might fall in love with any of those TV shows.

Whether you have traditional cable TV or satellite services or have switched towards streaming services altogether, we grow with the characters we see on screen. Now that most of us watch TV shows on OTT services, the importance of the internet has increased tremendously. We would recommend Mediacom internet if that is serviceable in your area. Otherwise, Xfinity and Spectrum internet services are accessible in over 44 states. With the internet or any service, customer support plays a crucial role; this is where Mediacom customer support comes in and beats all.

This is the magic of the TV screen and when it comes to the magic silver screen or big screen is more relevant. Masses buy tickets and go all the way to watch their favorite character playing on a cinema screen. However, with TV shows, since most of the shows get famous after the second or third season, audiences grow and live with the characters they see on their TV screens. An average TV show lasts from 4-9 seasons that is nearly half or a complete decade – which is a huge amount of time to stay obsessed with the characters, their situations, decisions, and challenges at every given step.

For enjoying the journey of your favorite character, ensuring good services and their dependability is essential. Following are a few unique ambiances and characters that would make you enjoy your life if your life becomes the same as you see in the show:

  • Sci-fi fans believe that science can transcend the laws of physics. On the other hand, they might love joining crazy classmates in a Spanish study group, where they would do everything except study. Sci-fi fans would probably want to visit a place where no one had ever gone before. TV shows do not end yet as there are other options like joining a big Modern Family or traveling in time with the cast of Doctor Who. If you love these kinds of shows and stories, you might wish to experience them in reality as well. 
  • People who love to watch action movies would also enjoy watching adventures almost every single day without getting tired. If you love action movies, you might dream of meeting people with superpowers, such as Godzilla or Iron Man. Action movies are not only about intense situations and fighting scenes. You cannot expect what would happen the next minute. You might see an alien that recently traveled from space and has the urge to destroy your planet. Fans of such movies are indeed lionhearted, but they have to be careful as falling deep into such movies could cause trouble. 
  • Many people love magic. They wish to watch magical scenes as there are in the Harry Potter universe. Fans of such films dream of having magical powers so they can fulfill their dreams. We also love watching such movies and wish to have magical powers. It would be a perfect way of doing our routine tasks, which might include cleaning our bedroom, doing our office work, and many more! But is it possible? Well, this is definitely not possible nevertheless, how many of us have wished to have a life we see on TV or in movies.

Final thoughts

We have shared some ideal scenarios that are not commonly accessible in our normal world but many of us found fascinating and if given a choice would demand something magical or alien. What character were you obsessed with and which TV show you would want your life to be like? Which character you saw or could relate to the most based on the challenges or characteristic traits? Do share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. We look forward to reading your ideas and inspirations.